Track Your Fleet, Track Your Assets
Vehicle Tracking Device
Information: your most effective tool

As a fleet grows, so do the risks. Poor communication, mishandling of equipment,
inefficient use: all can be detrimental to your company. The more YOU know about
your fleet, the more you can control the efficiency of your operation. How can you
or your management team effectively see everything that's happening in your
day-to-day operations? How can you increase the safety of passengers, the
efficiency of deliveries, the accountability of your drivers if you don't know what's
happening when you're not looking?

CSO Radio: TOTAL solutions

CSO Radio utilizes the latest in advanced technologies to eliminate these concerns,
provide solid results and keep your company in the black. Knowing where, when,
how and why: that's the kind of power that protects your company's profitability,
improves your efficiency and reduces your risks. From the US Army Corps of
to First Student USA, CSO Radio has provided control and accountability, improved efficiency and lowered safety risks.

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